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Tyler is a world traveler covering much of Europe and the US. Count on Tyler for entertainment, hotel, and restaurant reviews.

Chardonnay II – Brewmaster Charter – Santa Cruz, CA


To truly experience Santa Cruz–especially the Santa Cruz Harbor, The Chardonnay II Tour is a must. Enjoying a trip on the Chardonnay was on my Fiancé’s bucket list; both being Santa Cruzians, we decided to check that off the list …

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Pixie Deli – Aptos, CA


Home town disappointment at Pixie Deli in Aptos. Pixie Environment: limited seating, beach-view, wooden tables, and little umbrellas. Usually a busy location and moderately high wait time. Pixie Staff : I rarely comment that service was poor or bad but …

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Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant – San Jose, CA


Have you tried Injera, wat, gomen, or kitfo? Then you need to try authentic Ethiopian food at– Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant. Zeni Environment: Inside there’s two seating options: regular table/chairs or traditional. Our suggestion, if you’re having Ethiopian food for the …

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The Point – Chophouse & Lounge – Santa Cruz, CA


When I heard ‘Chophouse and Lounge’ I didn’t exactly assume The Point Chophouse and Lounge would have a killer breakfast menu–but I was wonderfully wrong. The Point Environment – Comfortable, warm, relaxing, clean, spacious, and modern. The Point Staff – easy-going, responsive, kind, …

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Las Vegas Night Clubs – XS Nightclub


Bewildered by the long list of Las Vegas Nightclubs? Here’s one that tops all others I’ve visited so far. We all want the BEST Las Vegas experience and I’ve found the right mixture for just that. To make this cocktail, …

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Ice Club Rome, Italy


Famous for it’s chill atmosphere the Ice Club is a must visit on a warm Summer night in Rome. Or even perhaps in Winter! I visited with a group of friends in December of 2009 — and even for a …

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