Pixie Deli – Aptos, CA

Home town disappointment at Pixie Deli in Aptos.

Pixie Environment: limited seating, beach-view, wooden tables, and little umbrellas. Usually a busy location and moderately high wait time.

Pixie Staff : I rarely comment that service was poor or bad but my experience was inexcusable. Simply said, their staff is unprofessional. Ordering at the register, the two impatient and unorganized employees (one believed to be the owner) made our order of a salad, sandwich and tea seem like a huge inconvenience to them.
Even picking up my food, I was met with more unprofessional conduct.
When my name was called, I came up to the pick-up, and they still did not have my order ready (15 minutes later). I was requested to stay right there and wait. A few awkward minutes later my order was finally handed to me.

Pixie Food: Yet again, more disappointment. My “large salad” pictured below, was shy of $10 and the 99-cent Arizona Iced Tea was $1.99 at the register—when 99 cents is printed on the can (and even came up as 99-cents on their register’s screen).  I had to comment saying “why would this cost 1.99 if your register and can says this is 99-cents?”
His reply was, “It just is– $1.99”
Reluctant, I paid simply to move past the unnecessary conflict.


Pixie Overall: This was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday afternoon lunch for my grandmother and girlfriend but I found myself apologizing for their experience. The poor behavior and hectic feeling created of the staff, the small serving sizes, and blatant price inaccuracies; I will not recommend Pixie Deli to anyone.

Pixie Location: 111 Venetian Rd, Aptos, CA 95003

Pixie Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm

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